Perhaps you have a great idea and need to attract funding. Or maybe you now have a viable product but need to connect with and influence regulators. Or even better, you might be ready to start selling to your target customers, and you need to raise awareness, support your sales teams and generate leads.

Whatever stage you’re at, we can help you build and execute a marketing and communications strategy that delivers results.

Life Sciences

Your business is highly scientific, but that doesn’t mean your brand communications should be clinical white papers. We use some of the best creative strategies to ensure your brand’s message is received. We make your science memorable and meaningful, and elevate how your people, passion and products are making a difference in the lives of patients, their families and the providers who treat them.



Diagnostics is a highly competitive business, with nearly 30,000 registered companies in the industry. How will you get your business to stand out from a vast sea of competitors? That’s where we come in.

At BCG, we have the capability to develop a customized marketing strategy and consult with you through every step of the process to ensure you are receiving the highest quality services possible, in order to give you the best chance of brand recognition we can provide.


As a $68 billion industry, pharmaceutical manufacturing represents a significant portion of the healthcare industry across the globe. However, high barriers to entry make it difficult for smaller companies to carve out a niche in this area. At Balencic Creative Group, we understand the challenges facing your company’s entry into this competitive market. We have the ability to formulate a customized and professional marketing plan to meet your specific needs in this ever-changing environment.


Medical Devices

We have a solid understanding of the frequently complex medical device market. Successful medical device marketing not only requires forward thinking, but a strategy that recognizes how important adaptability is to stay ahead of trends, innovations, and the implementation of new tech.

Whether you’re a new entrant to a crowded device space or an established player with a market challenge that seems beyond your control, we will help you find the path to success.

Consumer Tech & Wearables

The demand for wearable medical devices and remote patient monitoring systems is increasing, and the global market is expected to reach $612 billion in the next eight years, according to a research report from San Francisco-based Grand View Research. Getting involved in this market can be tricky, but we have the tools to help guide your company towards a successful entry into this field. At BCG, we speak your language when it comes to medical technology.


Health & Wellness

Health consultancy represents a rapidly growing $5.6 billion industry in the United States, but competition is fierce and there are many companies offering such services. Balencic Creative Group can help you find ways to differentiate your business from the many others out there through innovative marketing and creative funding. If your business is in need of consultancy services, We have the background knowledge and practical experience to help expand on your successes to date.