At Balencic Creative Group, we apply our proven, disciplined approach to synthesize market intelligence, strategy and creativity and build brands and comprehensive engagement plans that inspire action. In today’s digital environment, it is more important than ever to have a marketing partner with an understanding of technology and the best ways to utilize it within an integrated marketing program to communicate with your target audience.

At Balencic Creative Group we have always been known as a team of industry experts with deep knowledge and understanding of how to, implement and execute strategy. Without a cogent strategy, there is no way to measure the efficacy of a marketing or communications program over time. We believe that good strategies map goals and objectives to desired outcomes. We will work with you to develop proprietary, ownable and executable strategies customized to your business or brand.
Brand positioning is essential to marketing strategy. We work collaboratively with you to better refine your unique position in the marketplace, your key differentiator, your reason for being and your future vision. We believe that the most admired brands are positioned to indelibly imprint themselves onto the hearts and minds of target audiences. At Balencic Creative Group, we strive to elevate your brand to greatness.
We sculpt thought leadership and executive visibility programs that focus on sharing your brand’s unique point of view. Thought leadership extends beyond content creation to encompass strategy, reputation building and innovation. As consultative partners, we’re constantly searching for opportunities for our clients to tell their stories so that they aren’t just joining the conversation — they’re driving it — through seminars, speeches, op-eds, sponsored content, leadership positioning and more.
Digital is at the core of everything we do at Balencic Creative Group. Whether we are tapping our proprietary social data and analytics tools to inform insight and strategy, or implementing a fully integrated marketing and communications program, digital is seamlessly woven into every program to produce tangible, trackable results that generate ROI.
We understand how important live, face-to-face events are to building a truly integrated strategy. Our marketing and communications experts work to plan and program seminars and events that engage the public, the press and other businesses. We develop customized speeches intended to be delivered in the voice of your key stakeholders, and we also create event collateral and branding intended to take advantage of every marketing opportunity live at the event.
One of Balencic Creative Group's core strengths is content creation. Content has come to mean many different things but to us, it means an opportunity to create a message that aligns with your brand, as well as your core marketing and communications goals. Great content tells a story and as such, our team of expert storytellers will weave your story across channels and platforms that include print, editorial, white papers, case studies, blog posts, newsletters, infographics, illustrations, brochures, FAQs, PSAs, surveys, polls, digital, memes, webinars, podcasts, pin boards, snaps, mobile apps, emails, social, video, user-generated content (through influencers), animated gifs, photography, news releases, mat releases, and more.
Your website is an extension of your brand. Even with the proliferation of social media platforms, it is still essential to cultivate a contemporary web presence for your business or brand. We will work with you through strategy, planning, requirements gathering, site architecture, design, development, testing, implementation, optimization and ongoing measurement to ensure that your website best represents your brand and drives your business objectives.
Social media allows brands to connect with their audiences in more personalized and authentic ways. We are experts in strengthening those connections through customized content strategies, community management, influencer relationship building and in-house generation of viral content. We layer in our robust measurement and analytics package to track performance across all active social platforms in order to demonstrate tangible business results.
The digital revolution, 24-hour news cycle and Internet of Things all have tremendous impact on the way that we engage with content, but outstanding content still requires great creative. Balencic Creative Group uses analytics and insights to tap into the hearts and minds of target audiences through creative that embodies a rational benefit, an emotive response, or both in order to motivate the audience to take an action and advance brand objectives.
Video has become an integral part of most brands’ content strategies. Our expert video production team works to develop rich and compelling videos that tell your brand story in an authentic and compelling fashion. From digital shorts and animated videos designed to target audiences on Vine, Instagram or Periscope, to live action video interviews, testimonials or advertisements, our team is equipped to develop exceptional video content that lives across platforms and channels. It’s just another way we tell stories that matter.
Without measurement it is impossible to track the efficacy of your program’s strategy. We put a tremendous amount of time and effort into developing methodologies, measurable objectives, measurement plans, KPI scorecards and attribution models. So whenever you launch a program with Balencic Creative Group, you can be sure that we are using data and analytics to measure, track and optimize every facet of your marketing and communications program.
Marketing and advertising are all about setting an expectation and delivering on your brand’s promise. We segment your audience, study its behaviors, affinities and pain points and craft messages intended to evoke an emotive or rational response. We develop the ideal brand touchpoints and optimize the media mix for maximum performance. This culminates in a program responsible for measurable shifts in consumer behavior.
Our executives think like securities analysts and communicate with journalistic clarity, helping management deliver its message to the right targets. Balencic Creative Group provides complete IR solutions that help our clients improve their relationship with investors, period. We understand your audience. With our expertise and industry-leading IR technology, we assist you in communicating what’s important to investors: Why invest?